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How many MB(Megabytes) does a Netflix Movie consumes? 29 septiembre, 2013

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What’s up my dear readers:

First, let me answer the question and then I’ll tell you what’s the story behind this post:

The quality of the the movie sent to you by Netflix depends on your connection speed, so, if you have fast connection, let’s say, equals or greater that 4Mbps, you will get the movie on HD, from 2 to 4Mbps you’ll get a standard quality and less that 2Mbps a low quality movie.

The approximate rate on the movie’s size is this:

HD: 1GB per hour

Standard: 500MB per hour

Low quality: 300MB per hour

So, if you use Netflix at home, there would be no problem and you might get an HD movie without having to worry about how much it consumes, but if you use it with a lame and slow connection as we have in Mexico with Telcel, for an instance, you will get a low quality movie and you’ll probably consume you whole data plan.

Now the story behind the post:

I made myself the same question some time ago, and I found an answer in a blog which I won’t even mention because it’s not worth it and I don’t want to have problems with the owner, but the author of that post is a Mr-know-it-all jerk who answered a very long story barely related to the question and only got his readers confused. When at last his readers made him understand that what he was answering was not what they were looking for, he was not capable to admit that he was wrong or he didn’t understand the question so he only limited to insult his readers tagging them of dumb, ignorant and uncapable of reading well because HE knows everything and the rest of the world are stupid. So, as I really do appreciate my readers I’m offering you this answer, hoping it helps you to clarify your doubts.

Please feel free to drop a comment or concern at any time and I’ll be more than happy to help you to clarify or investigate more on this subject.


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